Dinner on the Farm creates unique local food experiences designed to celebrate farmers, growers, chefs, brewers, distillers, makers and artisans dedicated to good, sustainable food. 

Through our roaming culinary events, we work to connect people back to the land and to the farmers and artisans who are making our communities a better place to live.



Monica Walch | FOUNDER

It all began on an organic dairy farm in Southeastern Minnesota, where Monica Walch grew up as one of four sisters. Spring and summer were spent picking berries, wildflowers, and names for the new kittens. Fall and winter found the girls bottle-feeding calves and building snow forts with purple-stained fingers from plucking pickled beets straight from the jar. Every evening ended with a home-cooked supper together, as a family...a celebration of the love and hard work that went into growing the ingredients for the meal.

When Monica moved away from the farm as a young adult, she chose to hold fast to her roots in the midst of the city. She spent time at markets and restaurants, helping the chefs and buyers connect to farmers in the area. At the same time, Monica was coordinating a nationwide marketing campaign to bring awareness to organic foods. It was then that she realized that connecting these two worlds could produce a whole lot of positive change in the way people think about food.

Monica believes that eating sustainably-grown, fresh food is a pleasure that deserves to be celebrated. And creating unique events designed to celebrate local food and farms has always been her work.



Stephanie and Eric West | EVENT PRODUCTION

Stephanie and Eric first volunteered with Dinner on the Farm in 2012 and found the experience so enjoyable they couldn't imagine missing another event. As local food advocates who strongly believe in knowing where each meal comes from, both Stephanie and Eric were instantly drawn to the great food and people who are part of each Dinner on the Farm event. Meeting like-minded people at the dinners and working with the chefs and restaurants who support local farms is invaluable, Stephanie says.

Working with Dinner on the Farm draws on their shared passion for making great food and serving others. Stephanie grew up in rural Washington County and was a member of 4H, beginning in elementary school. She specialized in raising chickens, geese, and rabbits and won several State Fair blue ribbons for her efforts. Eric enjoys spending time outside helping out at friends' farms and working in the woods at his family's land in northern Minnesota. 


Steve Sollien and Christine Hoffman | EVENT PRODUCTION

Rooted in work with local flowers and event design, Christine felt an instant connection when she met Monica and heard about Dinner on the Farm. This connection has grown into a working friendship, and it was not hard to talk Steve into coming along for the ride. A day on a farm with awesome people, craft brews, amazing chefs, and local food? He’s in!  (Ok, we also carry tables, set up kitchens, serve food, and clean up, but the rewards are great:)

When they’re not welcoming guests at Dinner on the Farm, Christine and Steve pursue other passions through their work. Christine is a local flowers advocate, offering workshops, events and                                                                     flower subscriptions from her Foxglove flower studio. Steve is a pretty bad-ass carpenter and a                                                                         partner at Wagner and Lang, a small construction firm specializing in restoration and remodeling.